Day 8 – Monday Reflections from ‘The Three Amigas’

Aboriginal Womenpreneurs Bella Coola BEST

Sometimes you just have to sneak in a giggly selfie! Thrilled to get to learn from and work with three lovely ladies from our Bella Coola Aboriginal BEST class: Brenda Schooner, Brandy Schooner, and Ambrosia Andy.

Since we started our second week of classes today, I asked them each to share some thoughts about the topics we’ve covered in our entrepreneurship and small business classes so far…

Brenda Schooner – jewelry maker and artist:
“I’ve learned so much from all of the classes. I learned ways to do marketing that works. I need to find ways to let the right people know that I have new beaded earrings and hand-made jewelry ready for sale. There’s so much to learn and do, but this class is awesome!”

Brandy Schooner – future up-cycled clothing store owner:
“I know lots more about the laws and insurance I have to have for my business.”

Ambrosia Andy – fashion designer, artist, and clothing up-cycler:
“I’m learning lots of ways to make charts to help me organize my business. Writing a competitor chart helps me figure out what others do – and what we can do better. I can use a chart to figure out my suppliers and my marketing mix, my timeline and my costs.”

As a guest here on Nuxalk traditional territories of Bella Coola, I’m honoured to get to connect to students like these eager ladies. They are up to the challenge of working hard to turn their dreams into reality.

~Kristin Kozuback~
CCAE Facilitator & Owner of Spiritlink Communications