Day 6 – Saturday Shopping at Local Entrepreneurs

Tilly's Apache Fry BreadSaturday morning in Bella Coola starts with a trip to the hall to try one of our Aboriginal BEST student’s specialty… Apache Fry Bread.

Matilda ‘Tilly’ Henry has perfected a light, fluffy, scrumptious version of a Native staple for most meals… fry bread (aka. bannock).

Matilda learned to make this thinner version of fry bread from her Apache mother-in-law. She invited us to the community hall to try her community-famous Indian Tacos that she sells every Saturday.

Tilly's Testimonials

Here’s her elevator pitch that she’s been crafting to introduce herself and her tasty treats:

“At Tilly’s Apache Fry Bread, we create delicacies like Indian Tacos and Apache Burgers. I invite you to experience the traditional food of Geronimo – the Apache Warrior – in a new taste sensation. We bridge our worlds through food… satisfying your cravings one fry bread at a time.”

As you can see by the comments from our BEST facilitators, Chris Rand and Kristin Kozuback, we agree!

Gotta love when we get to do ‘market research’  … supporting local entrepreneurs by shopping =).  Thanks, Tilly… now let’s figure out how you can freeze them so I can take some home!

Tilly's fry bread on the patio