Day 5 – Inspiring Guest Speaker & Business Structures

Local business champions make the BEST speakers

It’s hard to believe we’ve completed 5 days of our Aboriginal BEST (Business & Entrepreneurship Skills Training) Program here in Bella Coola! During breakfast today, we visited a with Nuxalk Elder, business owner, & ‘Spiritual Coach’ Sam Moody… and we quickly saw the value of inviting Sam into class to be our BEST guest speaker.

Sam started our day with an inspiring talk about his experiences starting a commercial smoke house for 7 years… then in needing to do some personal healing to become a more healthy, stronger person. He spoke of his healing journey to learn about traditional ways of his ancestors, listening to other g out teachers, resources, & healers like Les Brown ( and ‘The Secret’

I began to understand the Laws of Attraction… serendipity… a happy experience of what we are doing, ehn things fall together

If you have the courage to step forward to put your ideas into action, the they will attract other funding, they will attract the larger investors

“once you decide what you want to do… you can be the captain f your own destiny.”

Being aware of a negative form of ‘ego’ that makes you act out, or not listen to others, or act without thinking of others, not be open to advice, do things in an unhealthy way.

You can take the negative energies and emotions – anger, fear, resentment, oppression of others and lateral violence – and do the work to replace them with healthy emotions like forgiveness for self and others, love, compassion. Positive affirmations are a way to remind yourself… to repeat the happy thoughts to yourself every day, two or three times a day for 21 days to release the negative emotions and fill the void with happy thoughts and with good thoughts.


Go with intention.